Aztec Twist Slot Demo

Aztec Twist Slot Demo: Game That Can Lead To Big Wins During Bonus Rounds

In this article, I will invite you to get to know more deeply and try the Aztec Twist Slot Demo. Wanna know? Let’s see the full review through the summary below.

The Hacksaw Gaming team turns their focus to the old Aztec Empire in Central America, which is south of the Rio Grande. Aztec Twist Slot Demo employs the culture’s penchant for color and masonry to drive a special grid slot rather than taking a deep dive into it. Aztec Twist has a Spartan appearance that belies a tricky bonus game that may yield respectable, but not exceptional, results. This is typical of Hacksaw Gaming’s approach.

When you press the play button, you’ll discover whence Aztec Twist Slot Demo gets its name, so if you’re prone to motion sickness, be careful. The entire device twists to reveal a new set of symbols rather than spinning reels or dumping symbols into its 5-column, 8-row grid. The movement of Aztec Twist is somewhat similar to Cubes 1 or Cubes 2, but with more twisting than shuffling.

The remainder of the game is quite straightforward, as we’ve come to expect from Hacksaw, with some added flora to enhance the scene, at least on a desktop.

The superb sound crew at Hacksaw is another aspect we’ve grown to appreciate, however in Aztec Twist Slot Demo they were a little quieter than normal. Here, connecting up victories and rotating the grid are the main goals. When five or more matching symbols land in a row or column on the grid, this occurs. Hacksaw has created an alternate symbol locking method in place of a cascade function to increase payments.

Combinations of up to 21+ are conceivable, and employing the more valuable mask symbols to accomplish so results in a payoff worth 40 times your investment. The lower value shape symbols, which are valued up to 15x for a combination of 21+ sizes, operate similarly. A wild symbol in the form of a hand pattern is useful in this scenario, with the exception of the tile for the free spins.

The game is extremely volatile in the background, which may result in big wins during bonus spins. Remember that, even for a non-jackpot spin, Aztec Twist Slot Demo isn’t exactly Hacksaw’s highest paying machine. The RTP value is 96.36% in normal mode and increases to 96.57% when the bonus purchase is activated. On a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, betting ranges from 20 percent to £/€100 each twist by clicking the arrows adjacent to the Aw8indo slot play button.

Aztec Twist Slot Demo has a lot of sticky symbols, which peak during the bonus rounds when progressive golden mask symbols open up a few reward cylinders. When you land a full row of the same symbol in the main game, the row and any matching symbols that are tied to it become sticky.

Up until the growing winning clusters end, the reels are re-spun before awarding a payment. Additionally, a random multiplier of x2 to x5 is applied to each sticky row that contains just the same symbol. The multipliers are combined before application if the cluster has more than one full row.

If you see three sun symbols, you’ll receive eight free spins. Here, there are a few adjustments, including the inclusion of the golden mask symbols and the placement of two more cylinders at the top of the grid.

Golden mask symbols that touch the ground lock into place to take up all of the spaces in their corresponding row. As a result, there is less room for cluster formation, but there is an advantage in that golden masks cause the two cylinders at the top of the grid to light up.

The one on the right shows a beginning reward value of 10x, which is then multiplied by the first number, while the one on the left spins to offer a multiplier of x1 to x8. This generates a wager multiplier that is used to determine a payment. The value of the prize increases from 10x to 20x, 30x, 40x, 50x, 100x, 250x, and 500x each time a golden mask activates the cylinders. Each time, an additional two spins are given.

Aztec Twist has feature purchase functionality, as was already described. By paying out 115 times your bet, base play is bypassed, and 8 free spins are immediately awarded.

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Aztec Twist Slot Demo: Conclusion

With this in mind, Hacksaw Gaming continues to make slots that veer just a little bit from the norm. The studio doesn’t entirely push the envelope like, say, Crazy Tooth, but they also don’t actively observe their rivals for creative inspiration. The uniqueness of Aztec Twist is enjoyable in the main game and sharpens during a deceptively straightforward bonus round.

The free spins game’s simplicity has the potential to both increase your odds of winning and decrease them. As you cross your fingers in hopes of seeing the golden mask symbols, cluster wins take a backseat.

In fact, after a time, you almost stop thinking about cluster wins altogether, especially if the grid has been divided up by multiple golden masks, making it difficult to group symbols anyhow. After that, getting complete rows of golden masks is crucial to getting the prize cylinders to produce what might be huge winnings.

It goes without saying that achieving the 500x level together with an 8x multiplier is the optimum scenario. Aztec Twist can, at maximum, provide wins of more than 6,800 times the initial investment, which is respectable but less than much of what Hacksaw has been accomplishing lately, most notably its jackpot work.

It’s doubtful that Aztec Twist will revolutionize the grid slot industry, but you never know. Chaos Crew didn’t initially appear to be all that spectacular either, but its attitude and compelling bonus game managed to shine. Videos of Chaos Crew hitting their cap undoubtedly contributed to the team’s reputation for massive wins.

Aztec Twist Slot Demo, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same attitude and its bonus game isn’t quite as contagious or profitable. Nevertheless, there are elements of Aztec Twist that are unique, and mobile gamers can rely on it to produce engaging action.

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