Boilin Pots Slot

Boilin Pots Slot Review (RTP 96.00%, High Volatility)

Before you play the Boilin Pots slot, you should read our review here to understand how to place the right bet in the game. It’s funny to consider how there weren’t as many cookery shows available back then as there are now. 

They’re everywhere these days, from television to YouTube, not to mention the new trend of sharing food photos on social media. 

Surprisingly, the preoccupation with food preparation hasn’t yet spread to the realm of online slots. However, here’s one called Boilin’ Pots from software provider Yggdrasil. 

Okay, it’s not exactly making a wonderful dish to eat, but it does involve a pot simmering with ingredients over an open flame, so let’s call it close enough now.

Best Review of Boilin Pots Slot

Boilin’ Pots’ brew is made outside, in a misty woodland at night, rather than in a kitchen. Its 53 reel set has the ability to grow, and when it does, the camera zooms out, revealing more of the game world. 

The onscreen image is boring at first, but when extended fully, users will see twisted trees, glowing eyes, a raven perched on a branch, and an adorable tiny mouse preparing a sausage on a stick. 

The company has a Fantasma Games vibe to it, and while Boilin’ Pots appears simple when the grid is at its smallest, it changes into a visual feast when the reels extend or the feature phases are activated. Only in situs slot gacor everything becomes possible.

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Return to Player and Volatility

If Boilin’ Pots appeals to you, you may play it on any device with bets ranging from 10p to £/€40 each spin. The RTP is typical at 96%, but volatility is not, according to Yggdrasil, which has classified it as ‘Super High.’ 

Boilin’ Pots is perhaps not the best game for some casual lols from a technical sense. However, because the winning potential is considerable, there are substantial prizes up for grabs for lucky brewers.

Paying Symbols

When at least 3 similar symbols land left to right from the first reel onwards, there are 243 possibilities to win at the default grid size. When the grid is expanded to its maximum 7-row high height, there are 16,807 ways to win. 

Mandrake roots, eyeballs, wings, claws, and potion bottles are the lowest paying symbols, followed by four gem tiles and a book as the highest paying symbols. The payment for landing a five low pay symbol is 0.5x the bet, rising to 1.5-10x the bet for five high pays.

Toadstools are wild symbols that can replace any other paying symbol. However, don’t expect to see them very often because they only appear on the reels during the Wild Respins feature, which will be discussed later.

Slot Features

The arrow, in addition to the wild sign, is another potentially game-changing symbol in Boilin Pots slot. When one of these arrow symbols lands, an extra row is placed to the game panel, up to 7 rows if enough arrow symbols land.

1. Wild Respin

When four arrow symbols appear on a single spin sequence, the Wild Respin feature is activated. Respins are granted in this case as long as winning combinations are created. 

Wild symbols can also appear piled up to three spots high on the reels during respins. When no new wins appear, the game returns to its original layout.

2. Rising Reels Bonus Game

Hitting three or four scatter symbols activates the bonus round and pays out 10x or 100x the bet. This feature is played on a 5×7 grid where Cash or Win Symbols may appear. 

Win Symbols are worth 100x, 200x, 500x, 1,000x, or 5,000x the wager, while Cash Symbols are worth 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 25x, or 50x the stake. Despite all of the space, only the middle row has an active payline, so symbols must land there to win.

Three spins are now provided, and the number is reset every time a Cash or Win Symbol appears on the payline row. When the spins run out, the feature finishes and the total win is paid. 

Or not, because the Rising Reels Bonus Game comes with a 5x bet guarantee. The round will continue until a win of 5x or more is obtained if this amount is not earned during the feature. In addition to naturally activating the bonus round, it may also be possible to buy it for 50 times the total bet.

Slot Verdict

It took time for Boilin’ Pots to truly warm up, just like bringing a pot of soup to the right temperature. For a while, the cauldron bubbled away in the middle of the heat, landing one or two arrow symbols to build a few extra rows — Yggdrasil did not classify this as super extremely’ volatile for nothing, and it took time for the game to flex. 

Boilin Pots slot felt a little like an AvatarUX game due to the expansion mechanic, and after the reels were built to their full height, the Wild Respins feature heightened the excitement. Although this didn’t happen very often throughout my playthrough, Wild Respins appeared regularly enough to keep the game going.

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