Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Review

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Review (RTP 96.54% | High Volatile)

In this Star Clusters Megaclusters slot review, you will learn how to beat this online slot machine. When Aussie developer Big Time Gaming pulls back the curtain on a new edition, it’s always a big deal. 

You should pay close attention because this release could be the biggest thing since the introduction of Megaways. Most people will probably agree that Big Time Gaming has built a reputation for creative brilliance, and players have grown to expect (if not request) something different each time.

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Review – A Summary

Big Time Gaming is treated with respect for not resting on their previous success. In fact, the team could probably sit back and wait for the royalty checks from Megaways licenses to come in. 

Instead, the team has been hard at work in their studio, devising new ways to have fun with a gambling crowd that craves novelty. Hold on, because we’re not only getting Big Time Gaming’s first-ever cluster pays slot, but also a brand new game engine called Megaclusters to power the action.

1. Theme and Background

The game’s first for a new, yet familiar, design full of jewels, as well as a classic menu area to set options. The game has a cosmic flying through the warp at light speed thanks to the simple background. It’s similar to when the baddies pass from light speed to lightspeed in the old sci-fi comedy Spaceballs.

2. The Sound

The audio deserves a special mention as well, as it was a dream project for CEO Nik Robinson, who used a Moog synth to create the music while layering a bunch of fun samples on top. 

Keep an ear out for hearings to, among other things, Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Metal Gear, Bonanza, and a couple of casino streamers. To get the most out of the house/psytrance track that aids the visuals in creating quite a sensory feast, make sure your earphones or speakers can handle bass.

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3. The Paytable

When you start the game, you’re presented with a 4×4 grid that shows up to be set within some sort of classy looking retro device. This is a cluster pays slot (with a twist, as you will see), so there are no paylines to keep track of. Instead, winners are determined when five matching symbols link vertically or horizontally.

Looking at the paytable reveals a variety of gems in various colors – aqua, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, and purple. When 25 or more symbols are involved in a cluster, the values range from 10x to 50x. Two wild symbols, a regular wild and a special Gold Wild, aid in the formation of clusters.

Each of these wilds can be used to replace any regular pay symbol. The difference is that when a Gold Wild is part of a cluster, the win is multiplied. The multiplier begins at x1 and increases by +1 whenever a Gold Wild is used in a cluster – there is no limit. Unless free spins are activated, the multiplier resets for each new spin.

4. RTP and Volatility

Star Clusters Megaclusters is a volatile game that can be played from 20 p/c up to £/€20 per spin. However, it is not as volatile as some of the other games in the Big Time Gaming portfolio. 

Those who have been burned by previous high-volatility Big Time Gaming slots will be relieved to learn that they have aimed for a slightly more permissive math model. Meanwhile, the RTP remains consistent at 96.54%, which is a figure that most players can support.

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Final Summary

Like with any Big Time Gaming update, the magnifying glass is brought out for a closer look. Let’s start with the outer wrapper before delving into the brand new mechanic. The game may appear simple at first glance, but Star Clusters is one of those slots that expands on you.

After several sessions, it can almost become a sport to quickly identify any winning clusters before they are highlighted by the situs slot online game. 

It’s crazy, but it’s entertaining, and it’s especially difficult if you have what appears to be a million small symbols in front of you, breaking down into even smaller symbols. It can be quite a spectacle. 

Well, what do you think of this Star Clusters Megaclusters slot review?

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